A brain SPECT scan enables you to see your brain working and will help you and your family make informed decisions for proper treatment



Clarify your present brain function related questions



Understand how brain SPECT scanning could support, clarify and address any questions you may have


Decide when to do baseline and follow up SPECT scans

An important factor is clarifying the role of brain SPECT imaging in regard to the present neurological status and any subsequent therapies. Frequently this revolves around the timing of when to do baseline and follow-up brain SPECT imaging to aid in following the course of any therapy.



Distinguish the differences between brain SPECT, CT or MRI brain imaging



Resolve any radiation concerns that you might have



Understand what therapy possibilities are available

Choosing appropriate types of therapy will cause a real improvement in your neurological and behavioral well-being.



Get started now on improving your brain health

Do you have a concern that your brain is not working right? Are you having trouble remembering things? Can’t function at work, can’t control your feelings, having headaches months after a concussion or are worried about autism or dementia in you or a loved one.

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